Happy Mothers Day

Today I wanted to share some memories about my Momma.  The Dolly Parton songs, the hugs and many sits in her lap, the TV shows we have watched together over the years, being her baby and her being my world.


I came into this world a little over 38 years ago and have been so blessed with the Momma I have.  She means the world to me and nobody but me knows her like I do.

I want to wish her a Happy Mothers Day and tell her how much I love her and it never ceases to amaze me all this woman can do.  She is one of a kind and I wouldn’t trade her anything.

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Here are some pictures I’ve taken that I thought you might like.  These are for my Momma and all the other mothers out there.  What it means to be a mother is many things and my Momma is all those things to me.

Have a wonderful day

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Homework Assignment 1


I found this short article very informative and very to the point about childhood homelessness.  The was also a interactive picture map of the United States where when you scroll your mouse over the different states you can see statistics pertaining to that state.  There was also a video posted.  Poverty and homelessness are part of my emphasis in my sociology major so I will definitely be watching this video over the weekend.


I found this interesting because theft of identity is a growing problem with the growth of technology.  It was also nice to see people who have bad things happen to them actually have some good karma from what happened to them.


I found this interesting because I’ve actually been keeping up with this story and there were other sex/student scandals at the bottom to check out as well.