10 Infographics Assignment

Here is my list of 10 infographics I found online, each with a paragraph describing why I like and chose the infographic.


This infographic was created alongside a campaign to inspire people to sponsor children from developing countries.  I really like this infographic because it gives the reader a lot of information in terms that are easy to understand.  It divides the earth up into a half and then two quarters and gives statistics to show how these numbers coincide with the earth.  The infograph not only gives the number of children who die everyday due to poverty, but breaks it down even further to the minute.  The pie charts in the lower right of the infographic show the poorest and the amount of income they account for; the richest and the amount of income they amount for and the last pie chart shows the the percentage of world goods and where they come from.  Great infographic in my opinion.


This infograph pertains to immigration in Arkansas, which is where I live.  Immigration is a topic that is constantly on the news and seems to be a hot topic.  This infograph does a great job of giving a lot of information on the immigrant population over the last 10 years, which runs from 2000-2010 with 2010 being the last time a census was conducted.  This graph breaks down a lot of the information into percentages, which are easy for many readers to understand, myself included.  It also shows that Arkansas is ranked number four in the United States for immigration population growth.  This makes me wonder if this could be due to the fact that Arkansas is a major producer of poultry.  There are many Tyson plants across the state and it is a well known fact that many of their workforce is Hispanic.  I also lived in Sebastian and Washington counties in the past and have seen first hand the great number of Marshallese who reside in those two counties.  I really enjoyed the information in this graph.


I love this infograph because it shows me what institutions believe to be the most important public employee job in their states.  If you will notice the large amount of yellow, which comprises much of the map.  Yellow represents football coaches, orange represents basketball coaches, green represents hockey coaches and blue represents public employees that are not coaches.  For some unknown reason to me the United States is obsessed with paying coaches ungodly amounts of money while professors and teachers make a mere fraction of that.  Coaches should not be the highest paid public employee in any state.  Education, health care, programs that help the poor and those in need…I could think of a lot of other public employees who are more deserving of making more money than a bunch of football and basketball coaches.  Leave it to America to keep it classy and show the American people what really matters when it comes to pay.  Sorry for the soap box speech, it just gets to me sometimes.  I like this infograph because it gets straight to the point and highlights with colors and a few simple words what the point of this graph is.


I really liked this inforgraphic because it shows a lot of income levels.  People care about money and using infographics that include money are always a smart idea in my book.  I also like this graph because it breaks nursing down into categories such as RN and LPN.  One large set that wasn’t included was CNA’s and nurses aids, which are the backbone of hospitals and nursing homes.  I have quite a few friends who are in this field and many of them make $8, $9, $10, which doesn’t make sense to me.  They are the ones that usually have the hardest physical jobs to do, but are paid the least.  I suppose it has to do with the lack of a nursing degree like RN’s and LPN’s have, but the work they do should not be belittled by lack of pay.  I like this infograph because of the amount of information that is given and the use of pie charts, a map of the state and a line graph at the end, which is need for nurses in Alaska, but should be Arkansas…misprint…lol.  Other than that I think this is a very informative graph for anyone who might be interested in the nursing field here in Arkansas.


I really like this infograph because it covers a great number of years and shows the pattern of tornado’s, which are still a great mystery for scientists as to ways to detect them early to warn people they are coming.  Unlike a hurricane, which can be seen coming and action can be taken to warn people and evacuate them if necessary.  Tornado’s can literally come out of a cloud in a matter of seconds and forecasters never know how long they will last.  The paragraph that accompanies this infograph tells of the tornado that hit Joplin, MO in 2011 and is the deadliest since record keeping began in the 1950’s.  Great infograph.


Here is another infograph on immigration in Arkansas.  This graph gives it’s information using numbers, be it percentages, dollars or numbers of people.  I also really like the blue box located in the middle of this infograph, which shows what the effects would be if these immigrants were removed from the state.  It also gives numbers on the purchasing power of Latinos and Asians.  It’s nice to see this because people seem to forget that not just white and black people spend money.  Great infographic.


Here is an infograph on poverty here in America.  Children are the hardest hit by poverty.  This graph gives a lot of information in just a few graphs.  This would be a great infograph for people to see who are busy and on the go since it is easy to read and gets right to the point.  The fact that 50% of single mothers make under $25,000 a year is really sad, not only for the mother, but also for the children.  The last box in this graph is about trickle down economics, which republicans said would work…obviously they were wrong and has only helped the rich, who didn’t need any financial help in the first place.  Sad state of America, the poor stay poor and the rich get richer.  Great information in this infograph.


Here is a great still from a video that we actually watched in either Mass Communications or Multimedia, I can’t remember which.  It was a great video and I have shown it to a lot of my friends and they feel the same way about wealth distribution as I do.  The top 31% of the country should not have over 75% of the wealth in this country.  This is helping no one except the rich.  This infograph shows the ideal distribution of wealth, what people think wealth distribution should look like and what the actual distribution of wealth really is.  One of my favorite infographs.


While searching for different infographics I stumbled upon this graph and like how it’s simple and easy to understand.  One category that surprised me was the amount of people who still work in agriculture.  Although now that I think of it this could mean agri-business or corporate agriculture, such as Monsanto and not real farmers.  Another group that I was surprised about was the number of people who are unemployed in the world.  I myself can be classified as a part of this group since I am a full-time student and have decided not to work so I can devote my full time and attention to my studies.  A good education is very important to me and look forward to the day when I graduate and go out into the world and make a difference.  Great graph.


This last infograph I found really interesting.  I really don’t know how truthful it is, but I did look up a few of them and found them to have the highest percentage of that item listed.  Another thing to remember is that all infographs don’t have to be so serious or of a serious matter.  I like this graph because it shows that no matter where you live no one is perfect and we all have problems and things to be ashamed of.  How true some of them are only the people who live there can maybe answer that.  🙂




My Mother Making Spinach Bake

My mom came to Russellville this past Saturday and I told her I needed to do a photo slideshow for my multimedia class and she was going to be my “Julia Child” and cook something while I took pictures of the process.  We had a great time and laughed so much and I really enjoyed spending time with her watching her do something that she loves to do.  I love her so much for doing this and she was such a good sport.  Much love to the best mom in the world!

Below is a photo slideshow of my mom making what she calls Spinach Bake.  Ingredients for the recipe are below the slideshow.  Hope you enjoy my first slideshow and definitely try the recipe: it’s delicious and so easy to make.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


10 oz. package of frozen spinach

1/4 cup of chopped onion

1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese

1 egg and 2 egg whites

Teaspoon of Mrs. Dash

Salt and Pepper to taste

Will Myers & Caleb Peronnet Interview

In my multimedia class we were given an assignment to interview someone we didn’t know to learn more about them.  I paired up with two fellow student’s, Will Myers and Caleb Peronnet.  We asked each other questions about our lives, places we’d like to visit, hobbies, etc.  Below are the two interviews and the information I got from my two fellow classmates.

Caleb Peronnet, 20, is a sophomore broadcast journalism major originally from Galveston Texas, but for the past 15 years has lived in Russellville.  He is currently not working, but told me about his last job, which was at Gamestop here in Russellville, “I got the job for the holiday season in 2012 and they asked me a couple weeks into the job if I wanted to stay on after the holiday season and I said sure, since I needed the money,” Peronnet said.  “So right after the holiday season I got my paperwork in the mail from corporate welcoming me to the company and about insurance and benefits, unfortunately that was the same day I found out that the store I worked at was closing and everyone at my store was being let go except the managers.  I was really bummed,” Peronnet said.  Gamestop had opened a new store in town about six months before Peronnet started working for the company and corporate decided to keep the new store open and close the one Peronnet was working at.

When I asked Peronnet if he could meet anyone in the world, living or dead, he said, “Emma Watson!”  I asked him why and he said, “Because she is hot and seems like such a nice person, plus who knows, she might just go for a guy like me.”  We all laughed because as most of us know a movie or music star falling head over heels in love with college guys from Arkansas is a long shot, but hey…you never know…right?

Peronnet also told me that he is a musician and has always loved music.  I asked him what instruments he played and he said, “Guitar and Bass, although I do want to learn to play other instruments I just haven’t sat down and actually done it yet.  Learning an instrument takes take and that’s something that college doesn’t allow time for,” Peronnet said.

Peronnet also told me about three hobbies that he really enjoys.  “I love video games and I’m a musician so I naturally love music.  Something else I really enjoy is cooking, but living on campus I don’t get to do much of it.  None, in fact,” Peronnet said.  “When I go home to visit my parents I always want to cook since I don’t get to here at school.”

I also asked Peronnet the place he’d most like to visit in the world and his answer was Rome.  “I’ve always wanted to go there, it has so much history,” Peronnet said.

In between questions being asked of me and questions I asked to Peronnet I also was asking questions to Will Myers, 20, a sophomore broadcast journalism major originally from Mississippi who now calls Russellville home.  Myers does online and some broadcast media for the sports teams here on campus.  He said he hopes that doing this type of stuff will help him in his future career.  Myers wants to eventually do sports media of some kind.

Myers said the person he’d most like to meet is either Thomas Jefferson or Julius Caesar.  Myers said he loves historical figures who have made a difference in the world.

The place Myers would most like to visit is Germany.  Myers hobbies include photography and videography.  He said his love for both of those things lead to him becoming a broadcast journalism major.

I enjoyed interviewing these two classmates, but I have to say I found out more about Peronnet than I did about Myers since Myers wasn’t there the second day when we asked more questions of each other, but I did enjoy learning more about my fellow classmates.

College for me, being an older, non-traditional student, has been a great experience so far.  I am getting so much more out of the experience than I did when I went before.  I am grateful everyday for the opportunity and am doing my best to make the most of it.

Does the president control gas prices?

For some reason this is a myth that will not seem to go away.  I found through searching the internet and many articles that the president, whether democrat or republican, has no control over gas prices.

The people who have some control over gasoline prices are the oil and gas companies.  Which are for-profit industries.  Their main priority, as with any business, is to make money, but how much profit is too much profit if not all their workers are seeing benefits from those profits?

This first link includes many charts and graphs that show how America is becoming less dependent on foreign oil, but oil and gas prices are not dropping?

The Obama Energy Agenda: Gas Prices

So why haven’t gas prices gone down if we aren’t having to import large amounts of oil, which costs more money overall.  Could it be corporate greed?  More money for them, while giving the American people nothing but excuses for why gas prices can’t or won’t come down.  One fact I found interesting on the governments website was this, “While profits soar, oil companies are receiving about $7,610 a minute in tax breaks.  That’s 4 million a year.”  I would like to know why these industries continue to receive “tax breaks” when their profits are higher than they’ve ever been?  I believe the money given to them for tax breaks could be put to better use within our country.  Just my opinion though.

This second link gets right to the question and answer.  Who controls gas prices?  The answer comes from the New York Times.

Ask.com..Who controls gas prices?

This third link from Time Magazine tells more about how the president isn’t responsible for gas prices and who is.  The stock market and the economy are more responsible for gas prices than the president.

Why no U.S. president can bring us $2 gasoline.

This fourth link is from Investopedia.  There is a lot of really good information that breaks down the different causes for gas prices, none of which are the president, such as; supply and demand and inflation and taxes.

What determines gas prices?

This fifth link states, not who, but what determines gas prices.  Supply and demand and mention again, as well as China, India and other world economies that are expanding.

Who controls gas prices? 

So the question was, does the president control gas prices?  The answer is no, despite popular belief.  Supply and demand, inflation and taxes, China, India and other world economies that are expanding all play a role in gas prices.  Like with most things no one thing or person is the major cause.  The whole, which is the sum of it’s parts, is the problem.  Some parts are more to blame than others, but none are absolutely free of guilt.