Relaxation and Ferns

Finals have come and gone, finding a new place to live, deposits, studying, packing, finals, moving, my last final, unpacking and getting settled in.  Hectic — right?  So what am I doing today?  Spending the day relaxing and having me time.

Me time.  Does that make me sound selfish?IMG_20140510_144049_258  It’s not meant to sound that way.  Everyone should take time for themselves.  It doesn’t mean you have to be alone.  It can be a relaxing or doing a fun activity with the family, going to a dinner and movie with a friend or spouse or a group of friends, or maybe what I did earlier today?

I did quite a few things today actually.  I clipped my fern and took some pictures.  I sat outside for a while this afternoon and evening and watched the clouds roll by.  I let my mind wonder and my imagination take over.  I saw animals and objects within the clouds and it made me think of childhood and growing up.  Thought about Sara and Tonya, dirt roads, songs from “back in my day” and lots of other things that make me who I am.  I watched TV shows that 

Whatever you are going through or experiencing:  own it.  Don’t let it own you. Remember to take time for yourself and those you love. 

Relaxation is a good way to start and is free of charge. Nobody can make you pay for the relaxation you decide to experience.IMG_20140510_144256_354

The things we feel; overwhelmed, not feeling appreciated, moodiness, sadness, loneliness, and countless others are what life throws at us.  It’s been called the adventure, the ride…life.   It’s up to each individual person to take care of him or herself and make things you enjoy doing a part of your life.  It may just be once or twice a year that you may do it, such as baking cookies around the holidays, or raking leaves in the fall with the family.  Whatever you decide to do for yourself make sure it makes you happy.

Enjoy the pictures.

IMG_20140510_144149_125   IMG_20140503_212453_629 (2)   IMG_20140510_143902_356

IMG_20140510_143154_319   IMG_20140510_143805_132   IMG_20140510_144017_443

IMG_20140503_212342_917   IMG_20140509_162132_813



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