Hiking Mount Nebo

This past Saturday I decided to take the afternoon off from homeworkIMG_20140426_154107_268 and blogging and go on a hike.  My neighbor Adam and I headed over to Mount Nebo for the afternoon to get some exercise, some fresh air and so I could take some pictures, which I also love to do.

Mount Nebo is 12 miles southwest of Russellville, the place I’m calling home for the next few years as I complete my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and 7 miles west of Dardanelle.   Mount Nebo is located just south of the Arkansas River and rises 1350 ft above sea level.  Atop the mountain on the north side there are great views of the Arkansas River and Lake Dardanelle.

Mount Nebo is one of the Arkansas state parks system’s two parks offering launch sites for hang gliding enthusiasts. IMG_20140426_155703_010 The other park offering launch sites for hang gliders is Mount Magazine State Park located high atop Arkansas’s highest mountain, Mount Magazine, near Paris.

If you’ve never visited Arkansas, or this particular area of the state you really should.  The beauty and wonder of Arkansas is waiting and I’m excited for the summer ahead.  Check out the Mount Nebo State Park website here to learn more about the park and why you should plan on visiting.

Now for some pictures.  I enjoyed taking them and I hope you enjoy looking at them.

IMG_20140426_153628_365   IMG_20140426_153705_635

IMG_20140426_154546_434   IMG_20140426_160002_194   IMG_20140426_160403_314

IMG_20140426_160352_504   IMG_20140426_161753_147

IMG_20140426_162606_986   IMG_20140426_163725_027

IMG_20140426_164009_847   IMG_20140426_164106_547

IMG_20140426_162602_209   IMG_20140426_162357_377


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