The Health Benefits of Pears

Today I wanted to share some of the health benefits of pears.  Apples and oranges seem to get a lot of the glory and spotlight when it comes to fruits, but pears should be included too.

Below are some of the health benefits of pears. IMG_20140330_221131_786 Who knew pears are so good for you?  Thanks to the website, A Perfect Pear, for the information below.

1.  Pears have anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogen glutathione which help prevent high blood pressure and stroke.

2.  The high content of pectin in pears make it very useful in helping to lower cholesterol levels.

3.  The pectin in pears is a diuretic and has a mild laxative effect. Drinking pear juice regularly helps regulate bowel movements.

4.  Pears are shown to reduce fever.  The best way to bring a fever down quickly is by drinking a big glass of pear juice.

5.  Pears contain high level of boron. Boron helps the body to retain calcium, which can help to prevent osteoporosis.

6.  Drinking pear juice every morning and night helps to cool your body down.  Pear juice also nourishes the throat and helps prevent throat problems.

7.  Pears are an excellent source of natural dietary fiber.  One pear will give you 24% of your recommended daily allowance of fiber. Fiber contains no calories, and is a necessary element of a healthy diet as it helps sustain blood sugar levels and promotes regularity.

8.  Pear juice has an anti-inflammatory effect and can help relieve pain in various inflammatory conditions.

As you can see pears have many health benefits so there are lots of good reasons why you should make them a part of a healthy diet.

Here are a couple recipes that contain pears.

Ham & Pear Panini

Baked Pears with Vanilla Yogurt and Granola

Pear-a-dise Muffins


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