Ways To Fit Exercise Into Your Life


Take the stairs, which are quick and easy way to fit in a little exercise everyday.

Life is busy with all the things we all have to get done and all the people we have to make time for.  Some people work full-time jobs, have families, go to school, participate in sports, have social events they have to attend.  So how, after all the things we all have to do every day, do we find the time to do them all and still find time to exercise and take time for ourselves?

Today I wanted to share some different links I’ve found that give tips and ideas on how you can fit exercise into your busy life.  Everybody can find the time to exercise, even if it’s 10 minutes.  If your day is full and you say, well I don’t have 10 minutes…wake up 10 minutes earlier and now you do…problem solved.  If there are stairs or an elevator to choose from, take the stairs.  Park farther away when you go shopping and get some walking in.  There are all kinds of ways to fit exercise into daily life.

Most people lack the determination and the “want to” as I like to call it.  Something that I have to remind myself of all the time is this…Nobody forced the fork into my mouth and made me eat what I ate to get fat, and nobody is going to force me to workout and live a healthier lifestyle.  The only person who can do anything about it is…..ME. Illinois Bayou Park 028 You are the only person standing in the way of losing weight and being healthier, nobody else.  Don’t blame your busy life, your spouse, your kids, or anything else for the reason why YOU aren’t doing it.  The only person responsible for you is you…plain and simple.

When you realize that and decide to do something about it then something can be done about it.  Stop making excuses…I’m too tired, I have kids, I work and have a family and many others that we’ve all used at one point or another, but they are still excuses, whether you want to admit it or not.

Enough of being on a soapbox.  Here are some links with tips and ways to fit exercise into your daily life, no matter how busy you are.  🙂

12 Tips To Fit Exercise Into Your Day

10 Ways To Find Time For Exercise

Quick Tips:  Fitting Physical Activity Into Your Day

10 Ways To Sneak Exercise Into Your Day

No Time For Exercise?  Try Our 10 Tips To Get More.

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