The Benefits of St. John’s Wort

Today I wanted tell you about some of the benefits of St. John’s Wort.

First, some history about the plant.  St. John’s Wort is a yellow-flowering perennial herb indigenous to Europe, but has been introduced to many temperate areas around the world.  The herb’s scientific name is Hypericum perforatum.IMG_20140222_163942_177  Hypericum is derived from the Greek words hyper (above) and eikon (picture), in reference to the plant’s traditional use in warding off evil by hanging plants over a religious icon in the house during St. John’s day.  The species name perforatum refers to the presence of small oil glands in the leaves that look like windows, which can be seen when they are held against the light.  It’s common name, St. John’s Wort, comes from its traditional flowering and harvesting day which falls on St. John’s day, which is June 24.  St. John is believed by many in religious circles to be the man who baptized Jesus.

Now for some the benefits of taking or using St. John’s Wort, which can be taken as a tea or dried and powered and formed into tablets or put into capsules.  Thanks goes to and for the information below.  I am always thankful for the hard work and research of others.

1.  In ancient Rome, St. John’s Wort was used to heal deep wounds such as sword cuts. It was also widely used for burns, bruises, sores and sprains.

2.  Throughout history St. John’s Wort has also been used for stomach troubles, coughs, insomnia, nervous exhaustion, lung problems and especially as an anti-depressant to treat mild to moderate depression and seasonal depression.

3.  In the last 20 years or so, St. John’s Wort has become a popular remedy for depression.  In Germany it is the number one treatment for depression and has been extensively studied by Commission E, the scientific advisory panel to the German government.  It contains several chemicals, including hypericin, hyperforin, and pseudohypericin, which are thought to be the major sources of antidepressant activity.

4.  St. John’s wort has also been studied for the treatment of other emotional disorders such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), menopausal mood swings, and premenstrual syndrome.

As you can see St. John’s Wort is more of a remedy for emotional and psychological problems, but when the plant is made into a salve it can be used to treat cuts, burns, scrapes and bruises.

I am a natural or herbal remedy type person.  Plants and herbs come from the earth and are produced with the help of mother nature.  I am not a trusting person when it comes to synthetic or man-made drugs.  I don’t trust them as much as I do natural or herbal medicines.  I would encourage everyone to do more research and find out about natural cures and remedies when you are sick or have problems instead of relying or depending on man made drugs.  Nature is always better, in my opinion, than anything man-made.


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