Remedies For Tired, Sore and Aching Feet

IMG_20140214_183529_744Since I’ve started walking 6 days a week my feet have been a bit sore.  I bought some news insoles for my shoes a couple weeks ago and they helped some, but I decided a foot soak may be good option as well.

I went to Walmart earlier this week and found an amazing product that has done wonders for my feet.  It’s called Johnson’s Foot Soap.  The company is based out of White Plains, New York, and has been around since 1870.  The box says it soothes tired, aching feet, softens corns and calluses and relieves itching and burning.  I don’t have a problem with either of the latter, but my feet have been sore due to all the walking I’ve been putting in.

The results from using Johnson’s Foot Soap; amazing!  After soaking my feet and rinsing them it feels as though I have had new feet attached to my body.  Such an amazing product and I highly recommend it if you have sore or tired feet.

Here are some other remedies for sore, tired, and aching feet.

Home Remedies for Foot Pain

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