January Accountability Log Total

Feburary 1, 2014 028

Total Miles for January = 76 Miles

So today I want to share my accountability log total for the month of January with you.  My month got off to a slow start since it decided to ice and snow, and then not get above freezing for a week.  This was before the semester at school started so I had nowhere to go walk.  I took that first week of the year to change my eating habits and rid my body of all the bad stuff I had been feeding it.  After the ice and snow melted we did have a couple actual nice days and I took advantage of them and went over to the Bona Dea Trails and walked.  The spring semester started on January 13 so no more excuses for not having somewhere to walk.  Unless it was like today and it snowed, sleeted and iced most of the day and the gym on campus was closed.  I was not a happy camper.  I am SO ready for winter to be over.  I HATE IT!

So about my accountability log, I made the log up on my computer and it only took about 5 minutes to make.  I made it 12 boxes across the top, and 32 boxes going down.  The 12 on the top for each of the 12 months and the 32 going down for the days of the months, plus one extra for the total miles at the end of each month, for the months that have 31 days that is.  😀  It’s an easy way to keep track of my mileage and it keeps me held accountable.

So my total mileage for the month of January was 76 miles!  Out of the 31 days in the month I walked a total of 22 of those days.    I started at 2 miles a day and have worked my way up to at least 4 miles a day.  This is all just walking.  This month I’m going to start weaving in a minute of jogging a couple times each workout.  Trying to build up my stamina and endurance.  I’ll get there, just got to give it time.  😀

Check out these links.  They both have some really good stuff in them about keeping up with your weight loss progress and keeping yourself held accountable.  I’m totally using some of this stuff as well as what I’m already doing.

How to Properly Track Your Progress 

10 Ways to Stay Accountable for Weight Loss


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