The Health Benefits of Bagels


My three favorite kinds of bagels, blueberry, whole wheat and very berry. And no I don’t eat three bagels at a time. This was just for the picture. 😀

I have a bagel almost every morning for breakfast.  Usually it’s a bagel with whipped cream cheese, half a serving of yogurt, a banana and a bottle of water.  Which gives me a serving of bread, dairy and fruit.  I rotate the kind of bagel I have between wheat, blueberry and very berry.  The very berry is a new flavor Lenders just introduced and they are delicious.  I hope they keep them around for a long time to come.

Many people think bagels aren’t good for you.  They think of any kind of bread as bad when trying to lose weight because of the carbohydrates, but carbohydrates are important as part of a healthy diet.  Most people eat the wrong kinds of bread.  I stay away from white bread which is made from refined white flour containing several unwholesome constituents and very little in the way of nutrients and dietary fiber which is essential for a healthy digestive system and a stable metabolism.  I stick to whole grain breads which are better for you, and I think, taste better.

So back to bagels, bagels have many health benefits that many people don’t know about.  I wanted to share some of those benefits with you today.  I want to give credit to this website for the information.

1.   Bagels help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.  Bagels are high in fiber and carbohydrates, which help reduce ‘’ bad’’ cholesterol levels and triglycerides, thus reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease.

2.  Bagels help treat digestive disorders. Regular consumption of bagels and drinking plenty of water can help flush out toxic waste from the body.  Which can help with constipation, acid reflux and irregular bowel movement.

3.  Bagels are a good source of vitamins and minerals.  Bagels are a good source of vitamin C, calcium, iron, protein and fiber.   Vitamin C is an essential nutrient needed to fight off illness, by making the immune system stronger and less susceptible to colds and viruses. Calcium gives you strong bones and teeth. Women need this mineral to avoid osteoporosis as they age. Iron helps in cell growth and the building of protein in red blood cells. These cells transport oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. Protein also helps build and provide strength to muscle.

So no more thinking bagels are bad for you. IMG_20140127_174550_818 Just don’t sit down and eat three at a time loaded with butter and cream cheese and jelly.  I eat my bagel with the recommended serving of whipped cream cheese on it.  No more, sometimes a little less even.  Which helps me cut out a few calories while still having cream cheese.

So grab a package of bagels the next time you’re at the store.  No more thinking just because it’s bread that it’s bad for you, it’s usually all the junk you put on it that makes it bad.  A favorite of mine, besides cream cheese, is a half a serving of cream cheese with sliced tomato’s.  Yum!  I can’t wait to try some of the toppings below.  Check them out, it may inspire you to think of your own healthy toppings.

Healthy bagel toppings

Healthy bagel spreads 

One thought on “The Health Benefits of Bagels

  1. I too eat a bagel every weekday for 15 years never tire of them. I also rotate blueberry very berry plain with low fat strawberry cream cheese. I thought I was alone and strange. But my dilemma Lenders has discontinued very berry. What can we do ? They were so good can’t understand why.

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