The Importance of Eating a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day according to countless studies.  Your body has been asleep for hours with no food or water.  During that time your body is still using energy and nutrients to keep itself running and to maintain itself.  IMG_20140118_134916_274So starting off your day with a good breakfast is not only refueling your body after hours of sleep, but also preparing your body for the day ahead.

There are many benefits to starting the day with a healthy breakfast.  Breakfast nourishes not only your body, but your mind as well.  Studies have shown, across all ages, but especially in children, that not eating breakfast causes a person to lose and lack focus, lack concentration, and have problems with thinking and problem solving skills.  People who do not eat breakfast are also prone to more stress and fatigue, more vulnerable to cravings, and are less likely to make healthy choices when it comes to those cravings and meals later on in the day.

One study done on the effects of not eating, or skipping breakfast, tracked nearly 10,000 young people from adolescence into their twenties found that not only did skipping breakfast lead to being overweight, but people who missed out on their morning meal also increased their eating at fast food restaurants, and both unhealthy behaviors caused them to gain weight.

Most of my life I have been guilty of skipping breakfast.  I have never been the type of person who wakes up and within 15 minutes can eat something. IMG_20140118_124027_703 Don’t ask me why, but for about an hour after I wake up the thought of food makes me sick.  Maybe my body needs time to wake up before I feed it?  Who knows.  To remedy this problem I wake up in the mornings, on weekdays, between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m. to allow myself plenty of time to feel ready to eat something.  My first class isn’t until 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. so I have plenty of time to make sure I eat a healthy breakfast.  I will pick out my clothes for the day, put my books for the day into my book bag, and then browse the web and check my Facebook.  I then shower and shave to get ready for the day.  After all that “awake time” I then feel like eating.

One thing to remember is to give yourself plenty of time in the morning to eat breakfast.  Don’t skip it since it is the most important meal of the day.  The main reason many people skip breakfast is because of time.  Many people rush around in the morning and start the day feeling behind before the day has even started.  I encourage you to make the time to eat breakfast.  It’s important to both your body and your mind.

Here are two links with tips about what makes a healthy breakfast and ideas for healthy options.  Good stuff.

Healthy Breakfast: Quick, flexible options to grab at home

27 Ideas for a Healthier Breakfast


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Eating a Healthy Breakfast

  1. I’m also guilty in skipping multiple breakfasts. I have never been good at doing it. I recently started drinking protein shakes as my breakfast because it doesn’t make me feel like I’m eating but I am full ’til about lunch time. If there’s fiber in it, I’ll feel full longer. I just have to remember to drink it after it’s ready!
    You should check out my blog 🙂 . You’ll see that I’m still struggling with this subject! haha

    • Protein shakes are something I really haven’t tried yet. I hear they are good for ya. I need to check them out. This is all about learning and finding out new things to help improve my health and overall well being. Thanks for reading and follow my blog. I’ll have lot’s of good stuff coming. I’ll check out your blog and follow yours. We can maybe learn things from each other, and both work on becoming the best we can be. Cheers!

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